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Alert and outspoken, able to see fatal flaws in a proposal or solution but often (enjoy) argue(ing) on either side of an issue from a position of the ‘devils advocate’. Have an urge for lifelong learning and combine my organisational qualities with commercial aptitude. Keep both long- and short term objectives clear in mind. Always see room for improvement. Strong problem solver. My insight profile characterizes me as a frank, honest and straightforward leader. Strong-willed, not to be blown of course. Bold and energetic, driving myself and others to achieve results (red).


Lead Architect

June 2024 – Present
Philips, Eindhoven, Innovation Engineering: Software Engineering & Components
  • Role dimensions: ~120FTE; AOP: 12M EUR,-. Direct reports: 3
  • Design and support implementation of a scalable, secure, and robust system architecture for our imaging platform delivered to all major modalities (MR, CT, US, DXR, IGT) as well as Clinical Informatics businesses.
  • Provide technical leadership and mentorship to the development teams to ensure high-quality software delivery.
  • Technical stakeholder management: trusted network and influence with architects of the various businesses in Philips, the central Strategic Architecture Team and other stakeholders.
  • Drive innovation and identify new opportunities to enhance the platform components and expand the department’s portfolio.

Principal Software Architect

Sep 2021 – June 2024 (2 yrs 10 mos)
Philips, Eindhoven, HealthSuite Platform - Clinical Platforms
  • HealthSuite Platform: Business and roadmap ownership for our clinical viewing services, applications and libraries on both our console and cloud platforms for 12 scrum teams (80+ engineers)
  • Viewing Platform Harmonization: Initiated and act as lead architect to move towards a single platform for advanced viewing needs, on-cloud and on-premise. The project will merge multiple large-scale (1M+ LoC) viewing platforms and migrate solutions that use it. Project spans multiple Philips clusters and business units.

Chief Product Owner

Mar 2020 - Sep 2021 (1 yrs 7 mos)
Philips, Eindhoven
  • Diagnostic Viewing Applications: Chief Product Owner for a range of console-, on-cart and cloud-based viewing applications included in products offered by our customer-facing business units.
  • HealthSuite Managed Viewing Services: Chief Product Owner for managed viewing services that provide clinical functions to zero-footprint clinical viewing applications.

Lead Architect

Feb 2019 - Sep 2021 (2 yrs 8 mos)
Philips, Eindhoven
  • HealthSuite Platform: Architecture ownership for our clinical viewing services, applications and libraries on both our console and cloud platforms for 7 scrum teams holding 50+ engineers.
  • HealthSuite Managed Viewing Services: Designed and led implementation of our cloud, managed (medical) 3D Rendering and Segmentation services that provide these capabilities over REST and WebSocket APIs.
  • WebAssembly Viewing Modules: Led advanced development track to reuse our native viewing platform business logic through WebAssembly in our web-based SDK and applications.
  • Viewing SDK & Web Viewing SDK: Lead architect for both our native and web-based viewing SDKs (1.5M & 250k LoC).

Senior Architect

May 2016 - Feb 2019
Philips, Eindhoven
  • HealthSuite Managed Viewing Services - AD: Led advanced development track to build the next generation viewing platform as a collection of (cloud) services.
  • Viewing SDK & Web Viewing SDK: Designed and led implementation of our native and cloud viewing SDKs that contain building blocks to build imaging applications. The SDKs power 40+ clinical applications across different business units and solutions.

Software Engineer

Nov 2011 - may 2016 (4 yrs 8 mos)
Philips, Eindhoven
  • Various: Build various features and components for our viewing SDKs used in a broad range of products.


Recent projects I worked on are listed here.

EMC2 - Embedded Multi-Core systems for Mixed Criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments - EMC2 is a project of 97 partners of embedded industry and research from 19 European countries and Israel with an effort of about 800 person years and a total budget of about 100 million Euro. I was the task leader in WP2 T2.1 and with Philips main participant in WP12 (T12.3).
HealthSuite Digital Platform - Open, cloud-based platform, which collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from multiple devices and sources. Proprietary algorithms are used to identify health patterns and trends.
Modality workspaces (CT, MR, DXR) - multiple - Deliver (software) viewing platform and viewers for hospital modality control room workflow solutions.
e.g. MR Workspace (link) e.g. DXR CombiDiagnost R90 (link)
IntelliSpace Portal - Multiple versions - Designed and delivered platform building blocks used in many of the applications running on IntelliSpace portal, a client/server solution used in Diagnose & Treatment workflows.
e.g. IntelliSpace Portal 12 (link)

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