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Alert and outspoken, able to see fatal flaws in a proposal or solution but often (enjoy) argue(ing) on either side of an issue from a position of the ‘devils advocate’. Have an urge for lifelong learning and combine my organisational qualities with commercial aptitude. Keep both long- and short term objectives clear in mind. Always see room for improvement. Strong problem solver. My insight profile characterizes me as a frank, honest and straightforward leader. Strong-willed, not to be blown of course. Bold and energetic, driving myself and others to achieve results (red).


Lead Architect

Feb 2019 - Present
Philips, Eindhoven

Lead Architect in Clinical Platforms department for the value stream Application Development Environment.

Senior Architect

May 2016 - Feb 2019
Philips, Eindhoven

Help the clinical platform teams to define and implement a technological solution within the total context. Transform our modular solutions to service based solutions so they can be adopted in our HealthSuite Digital Platform (cloud solution). The clinical platform is a large scale multi-million lines of code software solution under active development by over 100 engineers and used in more than 40 clinical applications.

Key responsibilities:

  • Technically and architecturally responsible for an aspect of the platform/product or a sub-system within an architectural layer

  • Technically responsible for the consistent implementation of all required functionality that realizes the architecture for the aspect or sub-system across several products

  • Contributing to the Architecture and Technology Strategy process by defining the roadmap for the aspect or sub-system, which forms the basis for the development programs, competency- and staff development plans, investment plans as well as make/buy policies

  • Provide input to the test and development environment strategy

  • Provide technical leadership to the team

  • Responsible for the introduction of new technologies and methods for the aspect or sub-system

Software Engineer

Mar 2015 - may 2016
Philips, Eindhoven

Responsible for building an open, cloud-based platform, which collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from multiple devices and sources. Proprietary algorithms will be used to identify health patterns and trends.

Software Engineer

Nov 2011 - Mar 2015
Philips, Best

Responsible for building and maintaining a software platform (sdk) used by Philips internally to build medical applications. The platform developed is used in approximately 60 clinical applications. My main task was the visualization of multi-modality medical data, both in 2D and 3D, at full interactive speeds in a client/server setup.


Recent projects I worked on are listed here.

EMC2 - Embedded Multi-Core systems for Mixed Criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments - EMC2 is a project of 97 partners of embedded industry and research from 19 European countries and Israel with an effort of about 800 person years and a total budget of about 100 million Euro. I was the task leader in WP2 T2.1 and with Philips main participant in WP12 (T12.3).
HealthSuite Digital Platform - HealthSuite is an open, cloud-based platform, which collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from multiple devices and sources. Proprietary algorithms will be used to identify health patterns and trends. I am responsible for building the common platform to collect and analyze all data targeted at million rather than thousends of users.
IntelliSpace Portal 7 - The IntelliSpace Portal 7.0 combines, high quality images, advanced analysis, and workflow efficiency tools into a single advanced analysis solution. Get a unified view of your patient’s condition all on one screen to answer questions fast.
IntelliSpace Portal 6 - IntelliSpace Portal delivers a deep, comprehensive clinical knowledge for complex cases, with advanced visualization and a true multi-modality approach.

Skills & Proficiency

Software Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise Cloud & Security





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